Sedation Dentistry refers to the use of sedation during dental treatment. At Kids Dental Sydney, we understand that young children and some older children might find dental treatment quite difficult to cope with. We offer treatment using Nitrous Oxide sedation and treatment under General Aesthetic (at the Alexandria Specialist Day Hospital).

Some of the questions that need to be asked prior to deciding if sedation is required for your child include:

  • Is your child old enough to cope with treatment in the chair?
  • What was their previous dental history?
  • Does your child require complex dental treatment?
    How long can your child sit still in the chair?
  • How long can your child keep their mouth open?
  • Is your child able to tolerate local anaesthetic?
  • Does your child have a strong gag reflex?
  • How many teeth need treatment
  • Which option allows for the highest standard of treatment?

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide also known as Laughing gas is a form of sedation that is particularly useful to alleviate anxiety in older children for simple procedures of short duration. A certain degree of patient co-operation is required for this technique to be successful.

Using a special mask that fits over the nose, your child will inhale nitrous oxide. The gas will begin to work within a few minutes and often gives a relaxed feeling. Nitrous oxide is effective, safe, and the effects are reversed quickly at the completion of treatment.

General Anaesthesia

If your child is young, anxious, requires extensive or complex dental treatment, has special needs and has a strong gag reflex, treatment under general anaesthetic should be considered.

General anaesthesia means that your child is fully asleep. This approach of treatment allows all treatment and x-rays to be completed in one appointment, where 4-5 appointments with local anaesthetic/nitrous oxide may be required in the dental surgery.

The average time taken for comprehensive treatment under GA is around 1.5 hours.

This mode of treatment will minimise your child having a negative experience and developing dental phobias. Many adults that are anxious about dental treatment usually have had a negative childhood experience. Children have a lifetime of dental visits to come!

Dental treatment under general anaesthetic is performed by Dr Pai at The Double Bay day hospital, where Dr Pai is fully registered and accredited as a specialist Paediatric dentist. The general anaesthetic is administered by a member of our team of highly qualified specialist anaesthetists with years of experience in Paediatric care. You can be rest assured your child will be well looked after. Please contact our rooms should you require more information regarding our anaesthetic team.

Following the initial consultation Dr Pai will give you a comprehensive report along with a detailed dental treatment plan (with health fund item numbers), anaesthetic fees and hospital fees. All attempts are made to provide an accurate assessment of the anticipated treatment costs.