Children with Special Needs

We welcome all patients with special needs including children with autism, Down’s syndrome, visual or hearing impairment and many other conditions that make standard dental procedures difficult.

Children with special needs are almost twice as likely to have unmet dental problems compared to children without special needs.

We understand that maintaining the oral Health of children with special needs can be challenging. We also recognise that chalky teeth problems are more common in children who have experienced medical issues during childhood.

Dr Nita pai and her team have had extensive experience in the management and treatment of patients with special needs.

Practice Temporarily Closed

As the situation with COVID-19 has evolved, we have temporarily closed our practice.

Our patients well-being is our priority. In case of an emergency or if your child is in pain please send an email with your name, number and information regarding your child. Please also inform us if your child has been to our practice before.

I will then be able to contact you with the appropriate advice.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.

Dr Nita Pai